He asked me to come over and then changed his mind, I'm not sure how to take it?

The guy I started seeing is super busy right now because he has a big exam coming up in 3 days. We've been talking for a month now and saw each other only two times so far (we were physical) and agreed to see each other after his exam. So I've given him space to study, even tho I took off work and have plenty of free time.
Anyway, we were talking on the phone yesterday and the conversation got kind of sexual (it usually never does). Then he said he misses me and asked if I would like to hangout tomorrow evening or the day after tomorrow. I told him I can tomorrow, but not on Saturday since I'm going out with my friends. Then he said he's not sure if he can tomorrow (?) that he thinks he has dinner with his dad but is not sure, that he needs to check. Then I was like "why did you invite me if you're not sure you're available?" and he said "I was just asking if you would LIKE to come over, and it's good to know that you would if I do invite you if we're both free". I didn't really understand what he meant but whatever. Then later on he called to tell me that it's better that we stick to our original plan to see each other after the exam. He apologized and said that I'd be a distraction for his studying, that he would think about me the whole day then and that's not good for him right now.
Just to add, we are kinda distance, 2 hours drive.


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  • I know it's diifficult Right now for you, but don't take it personally or worry. His mind is probably weighed down on by his studies.


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  • Honestly, the same things are going through his head right now... Take it as someone who wants to start a new relationship, but has a lot of stress happening.


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