Where can you meet women online who are not slags?

Like, I'm trying to fuck, I'm not going to dance around that. But I Do want more than that. I go out with and talk to a lot of girls who like do the poly or friends with benefits thing and fuck like at least two other dudes, but I really don't enjoy my sex life when I involve these kinds of women in it and it feels very emotionally underwhelming. Like it feels shitty, I dislike it, and I feel constantly at risk of getting a disease too. I'm not even trying to be like, oh you can't be poly and that kind of shit, but its a Lot of women I meet that do this. This one girl was telling me over the phone how she fucks her boss and wanted me to take her out, like, I'm fatigued with it to be frank. Are there ways to select out these kinds of women on social media or should I just devote myself to only macking in person?


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  • Wait, so are YOU just wanting to fuck? Or a relationship?

    • I thought I made it clear in the decription it's both of those things.

    • No, you just rant. If its both, then its a relationship. XD

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  • I think there is no shortcut unless you pay.

    Women generally enjoy being chased and we guys should learn to enjoy chasing more.

    Sex is for novelty and is a means to an end. Eventually you'll want to settle down. Until then. Have fun and get used to being rejected.


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  • Start with changing how you describe "these kinds of women". If you aren't into the poly lifestyle, no one is forcing it on you.
    You can filter it out by saying you want a serious, monogamous relationship. Be upfront with your desires amd goals.

    • I'm in a position of meeting "those kinds" a lot, regardless of what I seem to do.

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    • Yeah I just feel like I should be avoiding the internet for this kind of thing.

    • Yeah, solid answer, honestly.

  • I'm not a slag... it depends on the type of girl more woman are married you know

    • Yeah I do know, I lost my virginity because a married woman lied about it.

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    • So I'm just like, trapped?

    • Get out more see real woman not these fake ones

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