(Repost) I want to know if she still likes me?

(Junior year) Ok so she some how got my Snapchat and she texted me first. We text 24\7 for a long time, I think she knew that I liked her, but she wasn't sure of it. In that time I caught feelings for her, I don't know is she did for me. I never asked her out bc her brother is one of my best friends, and I was scared of her dad. Well I messed it all up by getting jealous. I got so jealous that I started to ignore her. We stopped talking. She didn't want to be around me, even tho we had the same group of friends. (No one knew we were talking.) After i knew that nothing was happening I tried to fix it, but she didn't want to.
(Our senior year) We started to get along again. (She was the first one to talk.) Now that we get along again, we go out as a group of friends swimming, movies, and other places. What I noticed was that every time we went to the movies, she sat by me. Ever time we went to the pool and played a physical game, she went after me. Just a few days ago, we went to the movies, and on the ride me her and a friend rode, in the back of the car. I was about to go to sleep, but I saw that she was also about to go to sleep. I offered her my jacket as a pillow, and she just put it on my shoulder and went to sleep. Tbh I didn't want the ride home to end. Also I have a class with her, she used to sit beside me until her brother took her seat yesterday. And today the teacher changed how we sit, so now we are all separated. Well anyways when she sat by me we talked all the time. She even started to poke me on the side of the ribs to play around and I did too. She also started to pull my her bc I grew it out. Ever once in awhile she does that, and I do it back. One time she pulled my hair in the hallway so hard that I chased her down and pulled hers before she made it into the girls restroom. She didn't use to be this playful around me. But the thing is that we don't really text each other like we used to. Her friend's said that she is not talking to someone.


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