What does he mean by this?

My boyfriend and I had a huge argument last night because I found out he was searching for his ex best friend on google (he use to like her but she turned him down). He said he doesn’t remember doing it but was most likely doing it to see what was up with her. Mind you he hasn’t spoken to her in over 5 years because she moved away and changed her number. My issue isn’t that he looked her up, it’s that he lied to me until I showed him proof. A few minutes after I kicked him out of the room he came back and said “I just want you to know that no matter what I always come back to you because I love you.” Honestly that statement doesn’t make any sense to me. Was he trying to leave and since he couldn’t get the information to contact her he came back? I broke up with him but he’s trying to get back with me. What should I do? What does that statement really mean?


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  • You need to take a break. And you will cool off. He was likely just checking in out of curiosity.
    If he was wishing to contact her he wouldn't be looking on Google.

    And him coming back and saying I love you is probably the truth. Its not because he couldn't find her.
    Like a facebook search. Or contacting her freinds through facebook to get her new number would have made more sense


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