How to stop stalking and actually know what's going on?

for the past week , every morning I wake up early and check whatsapp last seen of my boyfriend and the girl he went out with when we had a break. I am paranoid because I find out their last seen is always within 20 min , which means that they are the last person they talk to before they go to bed. There are times I tried to talk to him but he kept the convo short and dead end then he will get online talking to her.
last night it was even something like 1:30 am , and my gut feeling tells me there is something going on

On one hand I know if he really likes her he wouldn't have gotten back with me , but I also feel he could keep her on the side if things don't work out with us. I feel when I look at the mirror I don't like myself as this stalker and jealous woman, but I am so scared he is gonna cheat on me , the best option is prolly to ask him but I don't know if I am overreacting


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  • You’re jumping to conclusions assuming that their last seen is talking to each other. Think of how many people you text in a day, it doesn’t always mean that. Maybe he’s trying to go to sleep and someone messages him, so he just opens it to respond.

    You can’t keep dwelling on what if’s, you’re right. If he wanted to be with her he would be instead of with you. If you are really struggling, talk to him about it and let him know that she makes you insecure.

    • Yeah I know , but this part it's like I am almost 80% certain , because he doesn't use whatsapp as the major way to talk to people , and I observed it continuously for a week.

      I can either pretend I don't know and live my life , and get prepared if things escalate between them.
      Or talk with him and show him my insecurities, which will probably drive him away to her.
      I think getting back with him may be one of the biggest mistakes I made

    • Ok well if you think getting back with him is a mistake then just break up with him lol. You’re not stuck.

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