Should I feel jealous that my current girlfriend wants to go to New York with me, while she has already been there with a FWB?

I feel dumb for asking this question... but oh well here it goes. So, it's always been a dream of mine to visit New York City since i was a kid. I've never really had the opportunity to go until recently. I started dating my girlfriend about 6 months ago, and i remember her mentioning that she had been to New York with a "friend". I thought, "okay cool! She could show me around the city!". It wasn't until recently that i discovered that this "friend" was actually more of a friends with benefits. Now i view that trip as somewhat of a romantic trip, rather than a friend trip. I now can't shake the feeling that i don't want to go to New York with her anymore. I have this feeling that she will reminisce the whole time we are there together. It's impossible not to think about the past, especially with an unforgettable experience like that. (Mind you, it was her first and only time in NYC with her friends with benefits for her birthday nonetheless). So my question is... should i just go to NYC by myself to experience it without the whole "Oh, that restaurant is good" or "That hotel is nice, they have really comfy beds" comments? Or should i just go with her, and try not to think about what may have happened there for her in the past? I feel so dumb to be having thoughts like this... but like i said.. i haven't been able to shake it. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!


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