Guys, why does my ex, now current boyfriend still want to date me?

So I had been dating my ex-boyfriend for a month. I decided to play a pregnancy prank on him while I was a way with my parents and friend on vacation. I got a fake positive pregnacy test online and sent it to him saying I'm pregnant. TMI, I'm a virgin and he knows that, and we've only hung out once because that's how guys that live in that area work. So I said this on our 1 month, probably not the best time. A few days later I got a text from his friends saying he has a new girlfriend. I didn't believe it because that's who I am. Then a couple days later I get a message from him saying "Don't ever fuxking talk to me again" and I was unadded from snap. I got in a huge fight when I found out he had actually cheated because he thought I was pregnant. So all of his friends hate me now. The girl he cheated on me with added me on snap, and we started talking about it. They dated and then they broke up. School then started, and he's been watching me in class, and we've talked a couple of times. Now we're friends. But than last night, he had asked me if I still liked him, and I do because I am in love not just love him. So he added me back on snap and said he had cheated on me because he was hurt when he found out that I was "pregnant", and still loves me. Which makes sense. Then today I found out he had texted the girl he cheated on me with "I. Love. ya" and when I confronted him about it he said "Hold on I'm trying to make up my mind." and eventually said I love you to me. But the thing is with him, our plans always cancel. He doesn't care as much as I want him too. And I still messed up our relationship. We got back together, but I need help from the guys on what I should do. Do you think he wants to just use me, or does he actually love me like he says he does?


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  • Cheating and Drama. You can do better than this. I doubt he loves you since he cheated on you.


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