Would a girl waste time talking to a guy all day if she's not serious about him?

As a guy I never waste too much time talking to girls who are just hook ups. I tend to keep it to only when we're gonna go out or have sex.

Are girls the same. This girl talks to me every day since like 7 am which I'm fine with. She seems like a very nice girl and I think she is girlfriend material. I never really been good at relationships since I tend to just hook up.

I just wanna know if this would be worth being invested in. I don't have the best track record when it comes to girls I really get into.


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  • No probably not. She's probably interested.

    • That's good news then because I'm really into her we video chat a lot and she tends to ignore her phone when she's talking to me.

      We already agreed when I move in two weeks to go for coffee and maybe have sex. That's why I'm like on the fence since sex is ok the table since now I feel like it might be a hook up

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