I ve made a huge mistake?

I pretended to be mentally ill for a reason. Now i dont know how to fix it... since it says on paper i am mentally unstable when i am not. What can i do? please help? i want to adopt kids some day but this could ruin my chances..


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  • you have to come clean as soon as possible and tell them why you pretended to be mentally ill. convincing someone you are mentally ill is easy convincing them you are not mentally ill is super hard.
    watch this!

    • how do i do this? by taking a test?

    • tbh i wouldn't know exactly what you would have to do but yea that seems like a logical first step to take a test first

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  • You need to go to a good therapist and get evaluated to see if you have a problem or not. If he clears you you should be able to adopt.

  • Doesn’t sound like you’re pretending to me. Only a mentally unstable person would pretend to be mentally unstable

    • there was a reason... i pretended... i felt guilty for the death of my depressed sister

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