What should I say?

I decided to tell my boyfriends about the baby when he comes is here later from college. I know he might be pissed i didn't tell him sooner since im 3 months already and noe just telling him.

I dont know what to tell him so i don't freak out , and when im nervous i might just blurt it out at once and scare him , but if i prepare what ill say he won't be that scared off by my words.
Meant ex boyfriend


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  • You definitely should have told him sooner. When you do tell him make sure you give him some space after. I've seen plenty of videos where the women expects the guy to except it right away, but they are just finding out and you had time to process it. You just need to sit down and tell him. Once you do let him vent and don't get mad or emotional towards him. You also have to expect some hard questions to br asked, like are you going to abort it, why didn't you tell me sooner and stuff like that.

    • I actually found out when i was 54 days pregnant not that long ago. And i don't except him to accept it rifht away. I told my mom and shr asked me stuff like what i was going to do

  • Well there is no way that he won't be scared, just try to be as calm as you can and be serious about it, he will doubt you at first even ask you if you cheated and will ask since when you are pregnant, yes you should have tell him sooner... if he really loves you it may work out

    • I mean less scared than he will already be , i know i should have told him sooner but im scared

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    • Thanks!, and hope I help you a little bit if something, and again good luck!

    • You did and thank you , he just came arrived

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