Should I be concerned that my boyfriend is an hour late from twork?

So my boyfriend works at a gas station. It’s odd that he comes home 30minutes to 45 minutes when at times he was able to make it to a party not long after work. I don’t think much of it though. But he was supposed to come home over an hour ago and he isn’t.

I trust him very much but I’ve also had a past if trusting my boyfriends based on their actions and hey still managed to cheat... so in some way I start to fear or jump to the idea that he might be seeing someone else. I don’t say anything and I try to question my reasoning. But still I worry.

Any advice?
He told me he was still closing up


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  • No. However, it may be cause for concern that your boyfriend twerks.


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  • Text and ask him

    • He says he’s still closing up so I assume his coworker isn’t there yet cause it’s still daytime soooo

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  • Just ask him why he is late. Maybe there is a good reason

    • He’s still closing up according to him? So I assume his co worker is late

  • Don’t you guys have cell phones
    Call your boyfriend 😅 or call the store 😅

    That easy hahah

    • I did but he told me he was closing still. That’s all
      It’s daylight though? I assume his coworker is late?

    • Call the store lol with private number and see who answers 😅

  • Don't worry he's over here.😝😘


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