The guy selling flowers pressures you to buy a flowers for a girl where"s is the guys selling power tools?


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  • 1) You mean to pressure women to buy for men? Lol. Have you ever considered that maybe those guys succumb to peer pressure?

    2) I think that men are pressured daily and sometimes they're exhausted having to deal with it so they acquiesce. Women don't truly have to face the "every man for himself" world like men do.

    3) Power tools are a lot more expensive than a bouquet of flowers.

    4) That's a stereotype. Not all men like power tools or even care to use them. So why not the same guy pressuring women to buy men flowers? It's a sweet gesture of appreciation and would break the barrier further of rigid gender stereotypes.

    5) Have you noticed how lackluster and uninteresting Father's Day commercials are? Recliners (indicating men are lazy or sports games or resting after a hard day), power tools (indicating that men embrace stereotypical masculine traits), watches... and I cannot think of ANYTHING else geared towards "men". Don't you find that sad? I do.


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