Do you feel like you will die alone or have relationship that sucks?

Im single and i have feeling that i will stay single4ever cuz im too scared to approach crush and if i find girl that will probably sucks cuz she isn't the "real one " (crush). What's ur thoughts on this?


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  • here's a piece of advice:
    Stop running away from your fears and comfront them. If you keep being apart from the one you like and never talk to her, you'll probably keep on being single4ever.
    Communication is the key.
    Try talking to her about anything, find interests that both of you like. You Will know her better and be closer to her and then drop the bomb to her.
    Tell her you like her, but don't feel bad for rejection. Failing is just another way to learn and a sign that she is an idiot for disappointing you.
    So don't be like "I Will die foreveralone blah blah"and accept that as your fate, cause that's for useless people, and I believe you aren't useless. you just need to learn (you're in the right time to learn, you're Young).
    So get out of your comfort zone and succeed.

    • Thanks but won't happen, im still hoping that ill die soon and skip all shit 😂

    • hahahah good luck

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  • I am happily married. I will die alone. I don't want my wife to die with me, and I damned certainly don't want her to die first. Death will come to us all. When it comes, you WILL feel alone, even if all the world is by your side.

    Now stop moping. Go get a career. Take care of yourself. Your dream girl is waiting for you to become her dream man. Hint: Dream Men don't mope.


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  • Yeah totally because even why i aproach girls they always end up hatting me like crazy

  • Says a dude who's under 18 and ripe.

    • Ur 19 lol

    • Yeah that's not the point. Im saying your love life just like mine has just started a few years ago. No need to give up yet.

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