Feeling really lonely:(?

I’m 18 and never had a boyfriend, I know I’m still fairly young but most of my friends are in good relationships and it just makes me feel so isolated and lonely 😞 anyone else felt like this? What did you do?


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  • yeah. i'm 16, never kissed or had a boyfriend lol
    sometimes im desperate but generally i'm not.
    i feel ya tho

  • same. Somehow people ignore me and I don't know why. My friends are social butterflies and have boyfriends already. I'm not shy nor introverted. I'm not even crazy extroverted.

    Everything would be alright if my Friends hanged out with me, but I've discovered they hangout without me.

    I was advised about this and was told that I need a new breath. Meet new people somewhere else, and until now I've met really cool people who stay with me and like hanging out with me


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