Why did he go from day and night texting to a week later only a few texts?

Met a man who seems wonderful on a dating site, he lives a bit of a drive away somwe were texting for aboit a week, he was texting morning throughout the day and night, then he basically just went to two or three times a day if that. What could the various reasons be including the obvious that he fully lost interest?


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  • He just lost interest or then his friends told him you're ugly as fuck.

    • lol are you calling me ugly, again?

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    • hmmmm maybe, did not think I was that hideous but hey who knows

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  • I do not think there could be another reason. I'm sorry, this happened to me and probably all of us. Just move on. A real man who respects women or had good examples through his mother, sister, aunt, etc will be forward with you and either be consistent and text you because he's interested or give you the respect you deserve by ending it.

    If he is still sparingly texting you, then you are probably just an option for him.


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