"Let's take it day by day." When a guy says that, what does it mean?

I met this guy online and we have been communicating with each other since then. It's been like... 2 months? And the thing is that, I didn't really expect stuff at first cause I already went through the whole online dating stufd back then and it didn't end well. ..
He was different... different in a way that he said stuff that no one ever told me ever in my whole 20 years of life in this world. I'm kind of a broken person as I come from a broken family and I guess relationships and love is just something that I really have a hard time on figuring out/reacring to. I guess the way he treated me made me feel like he was the one to be able to fix me up. .
Recently, I did succumb to him and did online sex chats? And i just I don't know. I felt more atttached to him than before.
I already told him and myself that I don't want to get attached. . But he was like "What's wrong with getting attached? What are you afraid of? I'm not going anywhere ever." Which just made me even more attached! I wanted ro pull away so much but it hurts not talking to him.. not giving me his attention. But now, It just seems like he enjoys other's company now than mine. So I told him that and he said to take things day by day and.. asked him what it meant and he said to not put expectations on stuff so that in case things don't pan out, no one gets hurt... Why would he say that after telling me all those things before? I'm legit crying over this guy I haven't met irl. I shouldn't have let my walls down.. i knew this would happen. I'm sorry this wasn't really a questiin anymore now lol.. i just wanted to vent. . It hurts. Should I just cut off communication with him? I don't think I can tho..
I'm a girl by the way. Wrong gender choice obv...


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  • Stop being so fucking clingy and leaving hickeys on his cock all the fucking time. Give the guy some room to take a shit.


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