Silent treatment?

My guy friend is giving me silent treatment. I might have made him mad. I did call his wife (who he is been separated from) dumb and I told him I thought he was lying to me about going out of town. so he called and asked me why would he lie and my dumb wife where is that coming from. so I said do you have a problem with what I said. he said I can’t tell u what to say.. then I said I asked u a question and u answered with a question I asked him did he want to move closer in the relationship or just stay away) he asked me what did I want.. he was like I can’t mess with u a little I said it’s like u playing games. He was like I got headache I have to go pick up my son and will talk to you later. So then I sent a long text explained all of my feelings and what I wanted from him. To be clear about what he wants from me and where he wants this to go. no response complete silent treatment we just saw each either 2 weeks prior everything was good.. we hung out... he just helped me fix my car which was a life saveridk what’s wrong do you think I offended him do you think I owe him an apology my friend say she no bc I will look stupid he choose to fix my car


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  • #1 Shame on you for trying to get with a married man
    #2 Yes you offended him
    #3 Wait for him to divorce before you move any further. You'll both be happier.


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