Dating a trauma surgeon who is 20 years older than me?

He's a chief trauma surgeon at the hospital (single, no kids), and I met him while I was working at the coffee shop in the hospital. I gave out my number when I quit my job and he texted me on the same day. He flirted through texts and kept saying things like "We should meet next week" or "we should plan a day next week" and all, and the next week came, I didn't hear anything from him.
So I texted him, and he replied me the next night apologizing that he had a surgery until very late night. And he said he thinks he's getting off at a reasonable time the next day so he will text me to see. So I said okay, then the next day came, nothing again! I didn't even bother to text him and it's been two days without any text.
I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! When we text, he flirts and he keeps the convo going. Even the text that does not need any further reply, he asks me what I am up to, or ask things about me. But I feel like when it comes to time to meet up, he kinda just disappears.
What is he thinking? Does he think maybe I'm too young? I'm 20 years younger than him, can this be a problem? Or is he just really busy and tired that he couldn't possibly meet up?


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  • He is not serious to meet you. He just wants to flirt with you or have phone sex or get your nude pics.

    • Then doesn't he ever want to meet up and just hook up? I don't want to sound like a snob, but I was known to people in the hospital because I was pretty, often got compliments on how I look, or other doctors used to ask me out. I do want to sleep with him very much, but I don't think I would ever tell him that I want to hook up. Do I just give up and let him go?

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    • I don't think he is being disrespectful, I mean when I had issues with my health while I was working at the place, he was the first one who always tried to help me. It's not that the text messages are sexual and rude. They are just friendly convo with nice flirtation, nothing too sexual. I showed the convo to my friends and they are thinking he is a very nice person.

    • I suggest don't text him until he gets back to you.

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  • I don't think age is the issue. I say that because recently I got engaged (I'm 21 and he's 36) and he is also a surgeon. Anyways, when someone truly cares about you they make an effort to make things work, not just disappear. If the feelings are mutual, the effort will definitely be equal.


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  • Age no problem, just meet up 80% of guys I know that have been great texters have been awkward in person and felt no click until I got to know them a couple weeks in person


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