Boyfriends coworkers are making him do all the work. How can I cheer my boyfrind up and what do I tell him?

He's a hard worker for sure. He says these two girls at his job are giving him their jobs which is why he ended up staying an extra two hours after he was supposed to be out.

Before he left he was filling the soda machine with ice, which was his managers responsibility. The manager asked him why he was still there and he said he wasn't sure if that was supposed to be his job. The manager said no to leave it for his other coworker, who was slacking in his job too. He wasn't filling what he was supposed to.

He said he left and the manager and two girls were laughing about soemthing. He came home mad and upset

I recommended that he talk to the manager but thats all i had. Any advice?


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  • I agree with you. First, I would let the manager know what's going on and how the girls aren't doing their jobs so if nothing is done, he will not be blamed. The manager can also watch the cameras.

    Secondly, I would stop doing their work and simply do his. Tell him to slow down and take a longer time on doing his so he won't finish his early.


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