Should she be worried?

From a male's POV (ladies you can answer too), if you're head over heels for a woman. Telling her daily how much you like her and miss her. Telling her goodmorning and goodnight everyday after spending the whole day texting. Expressing your feelings for her when you're together and making her feel cared about.

Should that woman be worried if you drunk texted her after work at 8 PM "I'm going to marry you" and some other texts that she couldn't quite understand... (never told you he was drinking)

Now its 2 AM and she still hasn't heard from him. Granted he messages goodmorning and goodnight EVERY night.

His friend group does include women who are into him and he has a history of hooking up with. However he's told her several times that he's loyal to her and would never jeopardize losing her.

If he likes her THAT much, should she be worried?

(He's 29. Says he's looking for marriage and family.)
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  • He could just be embarrassed for sending the drunk texts and doesn't quite know how to move past them


Most Helpful Girl

  • This question hurt my head, I don't know sweety. Sound like a lot of insecurity and overthinking, have you tried reading a book instead?


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  • If she doesn't want to get married she shall start getting worried on how dhe'll reject him

  • Just drunk and feels he's embarrassed for sending drunk texts and probably waiting for a reply..


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