So you find out they're a virgin, what do you do?

You two have been talking for a decent amount of time. Long enough for both to eventually open up about your respective sexual pasts and they reveal that they don't really have one. And on top of that, you can tell they are trying to come off as unbothered/cool about it about it even though they are clearly low key bothered by it.

Also, they're 27 and bi...

What do you do?
I probably shouldn't have cut this part of the description, but... the virigin is me...

Sorry for the confusion.


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  • Is this bothering you? If so, think about why. If it is not bothering you, then continue dating her. Also do not push for a lot of why's, she will get uncomfortable and push you away.


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  • You find out why she is a virgin, happenstance, moral beliefs, etc. And go from there.


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  • Nothing, I am one too

  • What does that matter? She can probably do better then you and really is it that big a deal to be her one and maybe only and you could maybe get a 3way later down the track

    • She must really trust you and love you to tell you this because otherwise it would not be your business, don't pressure she to have sex or ask too many questions, just say hey I'm cool with that I actually find it kinda sexy, are you nervous or waiting for marriage? I'm glad you're so open with me and give her and kiss and say she can talk to you about anything

    • She is obviously nervous, but It doesn't hurt asking so it helps her open up more. Just cause she is a Virgin and even if she wants to wait for marrige that doesn't not mean ever that she doesn't want any play going on. Just be open and cool about it, don't hurt her feelings

    • It doesn't matter your a virgin, word of advise tell her later down the track. Its easy and you have nothing to worry about even if you're into sick shit ;)

  • What’s there to do, if you like them. It shouldn’t stop you if they’re a virgin. You were too at one point, it should make you feel special that they even told you about it.


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