Should I stay or should I go?

Girls: your best guy friend tells you he loves you after 3 years of being friends and you feel the same way but he has a girlfriend who is also your friend and you don't want them to break up because of you. what to do?

Guys: you love a girl, she loves you but neither want to loose the other as a friend. will you choose to stay friends just to be on the safe side or say give us a try and see where it takes us?


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  • It wouldn't really be a try if it is love. If it was just simply a crush I would understand but this is more than a crush. He admits to you that he loves you then why is he still with your friend? What I would do is actually wait until he makes up his mind of who he wants to be with and see from there because if you approach now then your friend would think you are the one who is at fault. I mean regardless she will probably think that but you might not have to lose her as a friend if he ends it with her by simply just because he is not in love with you. That wouldn't be your fault or his really. It is just didn't work out. I mean if you two really love each other then why let anything gets in between you guys? But you have to make sure who he really wants to be with because if in the end he changed his mind then he doesn't really love neither one of you because love is not just a word you can pass around. If he really loves you he would leave his girlfriend to be with you and if you really love him then you would have to give up that friendship. When there is love then there will be sacrifices. Hope everything works out for you. Good luck

    • Well his girlfriend is not really a good friend of mine. Like we're in the same dance class at school and recently she's been texting me and we talk a lot so I consider her as a friend and the only reason they're together is because I asked him about the way things are going and what will happen if we do get together so he freaked out, and I found out she liked him so I told him it's OK to date her

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    • ya that is true. Well now I know what to add on my new years resolution list. :) Thank you so much sometimes I need to be reminded to think of myself more

    • Anytime and good luck

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