Am I just too boring?

I've been using tinder to set up dates for over a year now. I barely get matches to begin with but that's just because I'm picky.

However, anytime I go on a date and I feel like we're having a good time, it seems I am mistaken. As soon as I try to organizing a second date, all the responses I get remotely resemble a pityfull: I'm sorry I can't, I'm busy.

Some girls have been more honest and said they don't think it's going to work. One girl just straight up told me she met another guy and no longer feels like going on dates with me.

I have a serious insecurity about being boring, but I feel it is the only answer to explain why this keeps happening.

Any advice?


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  • Use hot or not. Tinder is crap

  • Would you watch a boring movie again? Probably not :/


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