My crush (girl) ignored my text but is still watching my social media and even added me on social media. What do you guys think?

First of, she gave me a lot of signs that she liked me. She was very touchy with me in particular, she gave me long tight hugs everytime we met, she even sat on my lap a few times. Even better (I think) she joked about having my babies. We started talking and then one day (I was going to ask her out then) she just ignored my text. I sent her a happy birthday text and she screenshotted it. That was bold. What do u guys think is going on?
I'm still skeptical. She suddenly stops texting me back.


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    • doesn't seem that way to me to be honest

    • What made u think that?

    • She’s flirting, she’s stalking, she’s screenshotted. Take it from a girl, she’s totally into you but doesn’t want to look desperate

  • She wants a little less conversation and a little more action (baby please) Elvis Presley 🤣

    • I'm not joking around. I'm serious. What is your honest opinion about this.

    • Nah she likes you but has almost fully lost interest because you haven't acted on it, ask her on a date or bone her or something

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