Why is my boyfriend acting like this, is he jealous? What should I do?

My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to the movies last night, but when he came home he was all apologetic saying that it was his friend’s birthday and he promised him a month ago he would go clubbing with him, and his friends had been asking him to go out for weeks but he’d Been with me that whole time (we’ve been staying together for about a month now, he’s hardly seen his friends apart from during the day) so he had to go. He said he’d come home right after and we’d go tomorrow. I said okay even though I was a little said about it.
I asked if all his friends knew about me so they wouldn’t pressure him into doing things and he said yeah, and why would I even ask that. But I asked because when we broke up before it was because of something he posted on Snapchat with a girl.
Then he asked me if I’ve ever danced with guys at the club and I said yes, twice, when we were broken up and all of a sudden he got really annoyed and said he wasn’t going to come here after anymore and that he’d sleep at his house. I asked him why he was annoyed and reminded him that we were broken up but he said he has new information and he needs to process it or something. He even admitted I’d told him before when we were broken up but just friends, which I did, but he said he’d forgotten.
After he left last night he texted me to say for the record I’m not mad at you.
What’s wrong with him, is he jealous? He did recently say that thinks he loves me and things are really different from the first time we dated almost a year ago. He’s a lot nicer to than I ever though he was capable of and he puts me before nearly everything, he even stopped smoking because I asked him to (he spends nearly all day with me everyday so I would see). should I text him to say something or wait for him to reach out to me since he said he needs time?


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  • Definitely sounds like HE needed/needs some time and space to reprocess the information he probably already knew, but hated to be reminded of.
    Most guys do not like to share past details about exs or times their gfs were with other guys (even casual guy friends).
    Although, it was he who asked you about said info, on what happend during your split. So I really think he was pressing in to it too much and just hurt his own feelings.
    And that's probably why he texted you later (after the fact) and clarified that he was not mad at you, rather, upset with himself.
    Just let him finish out his alone time.
    He'll contact you again and move on from this.


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