What is like to date a football player in high school?

Im "dating" this guy who has been liking me for about a year and kept waiting for me to have feelings for him. Well, now i do. A lot of people know him, he's really funny, caring, outgoing, family oriented etc...
But me i am really shy and i have social anxiety, i basically don't to be known or get attention from school cause of him. Homecoming is near (we're freshmen) which is KILLING me...
Some of his ex's all act childish and talk shit about us or ME. by the way im a soccer player.


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  • yea dating a football player gets you noticed a lot and even more if he's a superstar. I know when i dated a girl during football season I kinda didn't have a lot of time for her during the season but it's great because it let's him know that win or lose he still has a trophy at the end of the game.

  • You're both freshmen and he already has multiple ex's?

    You guys are trying to grow up way too fast. Just chill out.

    In terms of the football question it depends on how chauvinistic your school is. At my school zero fucks were given and so football players were really no socially different from anyone else. People just felt no school spirit.


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