What is up here, with this gemini guy?

OK about a week ago I met a man on a dating site. I wasn't expecting anything out of the site, as I tend to meet creeps, but this guy seems different. He approached me and started the convo, I was hesitant at first, but eventually we had things in common. I'm still a little hesitant, but I am a bit attracted to him. He asked me out quick, I'm not ready for that yet, and I felt it was too soon. He said it was OK, and he was interested in getting to know me more. I told him I wanted to get off the site, but keep in touch because I enjoyed our convos and wanted to see where this would go. He was very eager about that, and added me to Facebook. Now we're friends on there, but it seems to have gone south. We chatted a bit yesterday, and I asked the most stupidest question: anything good going on tonight? I forgot that he had asked me out for the night, I was so wrapped up in my work, and homework I just forgot. I feel like an idiot. I messaged him this am, and say good morning, we talked for a few minutes. Was I a complete jerk for asking that? What do I do now, leave it? Let him make the next move? I'm not good at all at talking to men, and I am lost at what to do. I'm a virgo woman and this is mind blowing to me, I've never met a man like him on or off line. SOS give me some insight here. Thanks.


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  • Oh my God, I'm a virgo man and you describe how I would talk to women.


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