What are some cute flirty texts I can send him?

I had a date with this guy who I used to go out with 8 months ago. He recently contacted me asking to hangout so we did and he was really sweet, was a complete gentlemen...anyway I know he likes me because our mutual friend told me so and certain things he said to me on the date. But I was really nervous on the date so I didn't exactly flirt with him and I clammed up...I want to make up for that in text what are some cute flirty things I can say without being overtly sexual or too strong?


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  • how's bout this:

    it you read this you owe me a hug, it you delete you owe me a kiss, it you save you owe me a date, it you ignore then you miss me it you text bsck then you are madly in love with me, so what you going to do?

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