Is it too late to ask?

Hi, it's been a week since i found out this girl likes me from my work, (she's new) but today i wanted to ask her out and since she works at the cash registers i thought i'm going to have to pass her.
i know she works tuesdays too but anyways she acted awkward around me for no reason some girls say just go for it it's obvious.
anyways let me explain the situation of today,
so you have these 2 cash registers opposite to each other the girl was working the right one and i was standing in the right line.
so i was standing there trying to build up some courage to ask her out,
when all of a sudden i began to doubt it i wasn't that nervous just in doubt.
so there was a good opportunity to do so because there were no customers in her line but i just couldn't bring myself to do so.
but from what i saw she was trying to not look up as i noticed she was either looking to her right or looking at her screen (presumably because she knew i was there).
but my question being is it too late and should i just give up or wait till Tuesday and say fuck it?


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  • don’t give up, wait till Tuesday

    • mhm i guess i should.

    • have you got any ideas on how i should approach her?
      she frequently sits behind the cash register as I don't know when she takes her breaks.
      and i don't think it's a good idea to wait till she's done to ask since that would probably give off a stalker ish vibe.
      i'm asking this because she'll obviously be busy with customers and i don't think the store would appreciate it if i asked her to put her number in. or i'll have to ask her to give me her phone or smth else.

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  • Give up, man. You're probably looking too much into this. Leave the new girl alone. Besides, dating a coworker seldom works out.

    • i thought i was looking too much into it at first but no one does stuff like she did to be nice or because it's a bit awkward for whatever reason.

    • I'm speaking out of experience.

      Best that you leave her alone for someone else to love.

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