Let's all admit that looks are the most important thing in a guy/girl?

Don't tell me about personality because even if an ugly guy/girl had a tremendous personality people will never look at them twice. So if an attractive guy/girl was an asshole it don't matter because they attractive. If they keyed your car it don't matter because they attractive right? We live in a society where 50% looks and 50% personality don't mean nothing it's a complete false. It's 100% looks no if ands or buts only on a lucky personality would matter only 5%. So let's all agree that looks matter are more important than personality and no matter if they do you wrong it don't matter because we would all stay with them because they are sexy and attractive guy/girl. Am I right? Prove me wrong!


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  • They're not the most important thing, but I agree that they play a big part, especially at first glance when you're deciding if you want to approach someone. That being said, just because a person looks good on the outside doesn't mean they're above basic human politeness, and if the said attractive person was a complete arsehole towards me/others, I wouldn't pay them any attention no matter how attractive they are as we wouldn't have an emotional connection, and that's a priority in a relationship.

    • Why you lying?

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    • Come on, If the attractive guy had money and had swagger and was spitting game vs the ugly who also had money but was kind and treated w/ respect, you'd choose the attractive one because it's a bonus.

    • Nope, can’t say I would. Physical attraction is important, but it can only take you so far. If the hot guy is the type who’d key other cars and is a general arrogant ass, I’d be repulsed by his personality and therefore his face would piss me off instead of making me swoon. I’d take the kind hearted one any day.

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  • Let's all admit that young people always think they know everything and they are usually guilty of gross overgeneralizations,

    • It's not an overgeneralization if society proves it

    • So you haven't had much luck with the ladies?

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  • Nope it not the looks
    You should accept the person just the way they are
    It the personality

    • would you be with an ugly fat guy with a wonderful personality or an attractive model guy who is an asshole?

    • I'm so sure the ugly fat guy ain't ugly..

    • U shouldn't judge a person

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  • No, Looks are not the most important Thing for most People.

  • they are not the most important thing but i concede they are the thing that first attracts us. this does actually change as you get older and realise so many 'beautiful# people turn out to be ugly on the inside. i dont need to prove you wrong because time will do that

    • We'll see... p. s. look at celebrities and porn stars

    • i look at porn stars all the time lol but i dont see what that has to do with it. i would ask you to message back when you are my age but im 51 so i doubt i will still be alive in 30 years

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