Is it bad of me?

I have been dating my bosses sister for 5 months now. But for the bast 2 months. I can't stop thinking about my ex who i was with for over 5 years. Recently she messeged me saying that she missed me and wanted me back. And i really do miss her and want to be with her. How should i handle this situation?


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  • Keep in mind she's an ex for a reason before you do anything at all.


What Guys Said 1

  • You will be the biggest dumbest, fattest, stupidest, human to ever human if you ever gimo back. Your paying waaaaaaaaay to much attention to your emotions and feeling on 1 thing. Im sure you k ow how to ignore and delete and get of anything that reminds you of her. I dont care how strong the feeling is.
    What ever you do. Ex, stay away.


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