Girls, Girls like me, but don’t want to date me (Asking girls edition)?

Girls like me but don’t want to be with me. Let me explain, I am 15, just finished Freshman year in June, and ever since 7th grade, I’ve been getting girls that like me but don’t do anything. For example, in 8th grade I knew this girl liked me, she was givin me signs, winking, giggling at my jokes, but there was a downfall to all of that, she had a boyfriend. And once Freshman year started, she forgot all about me!

During second marking period of freshman year, I started to notice this other girl liked me, so we start talking, I can tell she liked me, again by the signs.

After about 2 weeks of talking, I worked up the nerve to ask her out, right before I’m about to do it, I go on instagram quickly and I notice she had something on her story, I open it, and it’s a selfie of her and the guy I hate, with a HEART around him. I was pissed, I threw my phone on the bed and went on my computer and binged watched videos for 3 hours, trying to get rid of that bad memory. I stopped talking to her, but she kept up striking conversations, I was being nice, I can tell she still liked and and she still likes me to this day.

In May of this year, I noticed another girl liked me, so I start talking to her and this time I went a week of talking to her, and she still liked me, so I ask her out and, guess what, she said “Sorry, I like you as a friend and I’m not looking to date rn” once again I was pissed and basically did what I did last time.

And ignoring this, so you girls have a better understanding of who I am.
I’m an urban explorer, I love abandoned places!
I play soccer, I’m not the best but I’m pretty good
I’ll do anything ballsy. Danerous Roller Coaster EASY, hiking up a super dangerous mountain? Sounds fun!
I love living life dangerously, if your not living dangerously, what’s the point of living? (My opinion)

Im running out of characters, so if you have more questions, ask and I’ll answer


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  • Girls like the chase, they tend to go for guys who they think are hard to get. Next time a girl starts liking you, try playing hard to get at first and see how she acts.


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