What speaks louder? Words or actions?

When dating, what speaks louder?

Words that say “We’re just friends” or actions that say “I want to be more than friends”?


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  • Words speak lower but actions prove your words to be true if you need something to prove


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  • That is a GREAT question. I usually say actions always speak louder than words but this type of situation is totally different. We all know lots of people hook up with their so-called "friends" and have no desire to be more than friends. I would say that if you're hooking up with a friend, what you're really saying is not "I want to be more than friends". You're saying "I want to hook up and because we're already friends I assume you're not going to expect anything more than our current friendship status." Personally, I think that sucks because 75% of the time someone is going to end up feeling used and upset. But that's another topic.


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