What was your biggest problem or hurdle to get over in your best, or present relationship?

What was the biggest hurdle you ever had to get over in your best relationship, or current relationship or marriage? As In your biggest problem, fight, or incident you had to wirk through or forgive, or be forgiven for. Basically if you are with your soul mate or love of your life, what was one major thing you didn't think you would get past, but did? It seemed impossible at the time, but you made it and are still together. How did you work it out, how did you feel? What do you want to say to others to maybe help them through a major hurdle in thier path to being happy together?


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  • My second wife was bi and we just started out just friends. A mutual friend had died , we met at the funeral , got chatting even went out for meals but no romantic feelings. It changed one night waiting for the bus , having a cuddle to keep warm and she kissed me. I asked what was that for she said I have been wanting to do it for a long time, so we kissed some more...

    • I think that no matter what our gender preferences are, we fall in love with who someone is. Not ehat gender they are. Loves a funny, mysterious thing. It kinda grabs hold of us n takes over.

    • I agree I've truly loved females not sexual but loved them

    • She had just ended a long term relationship with a girl. But at first she liked me then she got to know me my feelings and wants also my upbringing. I am a closet transgender , all my family are female , got 4 daughters. We went out to a party , crossover , where male dress as female and the female as male. As she said I fancy you more in drag , it was that night she first kissed me. So we went on from there ,, a fantastic 4 years then lost her to cancer...

  • I gave up on the idea of ever having one


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