Should I tell this girl I have a date with that I'm not over someone else?

Went out with a long time crush back in June, but it didn't work out for many reasons. We're not talking any more, unfortunately because I think we could have been good friends (was in a horrible state of mind for unrelated reasons which made really anxious and made catastrophise over lots of things).

But I recently saw that she's probably dating someone new, and felt a bunch of pangs in my chest and such and realized maybe I'm not over that yet.

Should I tell this girl I'm about to go on a date with? We've had a few phone conversations and she seems really nice and fun but I'm not sure how much of a connection I have with this person and I don't want to lead her on...


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  • Just don’t go on a date with her at all. Be honest with her and tell her you want to heal first and go out as friends. Don’t push yourself into dating if you aren’t healed. It’s not good mentally. Once you get used to her, you’ll be able to tell if you are moved on or not/want to leave it as friends or more. Good luck buddy! Much guidance to you!


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