Guys, Why is he acting like we are a couple in person, but is distant through text?

I just started talking to this guy 2 weeks ago. Our chemistry was amazing and he ended up spending 2 days with me instead of the planned first date. He was extremely sweet. Showing me off in public, kissing my forehead, was very focused on me. He then went MIA for 2 days and didn't text or anything. Then he called and asked me to come over. I thought we were just going out, but he instead introduced me to his mom and sisters and gave me a great homeade meal. He kissed my forehead and held my hand in front of his family and I was a bit overwhelmed. Then he barely texted and was just very dry in communication for another 3 days. Then he showed up at my house, left a spare toothbrush, helped me coach my soccer team, and took me out with his sister and her husband, where she called me her future sister in law, and I got really iffy. Then he went cold in communication again. Im really confused. Like, am I getting played or pampered? I dont even know. I like him but Im confused. Id think he wasn't interested if he wasn't so sweet in person. Is he getting overwhelmed too?


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  • Sounds like he just isn't that into digital communication. Have you tried calling instead of texting?

    • I did. A girl answered. He had a girlfriend

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