I’m the other woman?

Hey so I’m currently seeing this really nice guy. We click so well even a waitress told us we were good together on our second date. He’s super into me and I can tell he’s really genuine. He thinks I’m the most beautiful thing and treats me like it. The only thing is he has a girlfriend. She lives in another country and he doesn’t even know I know about her. I’m not even sure they are still dating but they are as far as I know. I didn’t know this at first but I really like him now and I don’t know what to do. I don’t think this girl is even in his life much at all because she lives so far. I need some opinions on this please. And try not to judge.


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  • You need to find out what the situation is.

    Explain to him what you know, and how you accidentally found out. You did find out accidentally, right? You weren't snooping, right?

    Then ask him how this girl, and you, fit into his life.

    When you get his answer, you'll probably know what you should do.

    Consider, please, that if he's cheating on this other girl, he'll probably cheat on you as well.

    • I was snooping on fb lol

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    • He doesn’t have anything of her on his profile that I see

    • Ask him about it. You might have to confess to snooping, but you need to find out what the deal is with him and his (hopefully) ex.

  • He isn’t a great guy at all and your definition of great is fucked up. He’s a proven cheater. How could you ever trust him?

    • I don’t know! I’m 19 and stupid. But I just really feel like he likes me and I don’t think he’d hurt me. Plus he’s 31 so he’s settling down

    • He’d cheat on you too.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just a thought: You are with someone who is a cheater.
    If someone is not loyal to his current girlfriend, how can you expect him to be loyal to you (right now or in the future).

    It's better to stay away from him.


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