Why would a guy who came back into my life to tell me he likes me block me the next day?

We talked off and on for 3 months then he stopped talking to me. 3 months later he texts me out of the blue saying he'd lost my num and had been wanting to talk to me so bad. Tells me we never talked about it but he does like me and realized that after not talking to me for so long. Basically made it sound like he was interested in me. We had sex, I kinda got irritated at him for wanting to leave right after and teared up A LITTLE. He even wiped my tear away wtf. Hugged me, like picked me up hug and kissed me goodbye said I'll text you soon. Next day, blocked. I know it sounds like he just wanted sex, but I just feel there's something else especially if he came back to say all that.


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  • sex, simple as that.

  • It seems that women have forgotten that they were considered the gatekeepers of sex. You were supposed to be selective, stringent, and discerning in your choice of intimacy. This is what happens when something as deep as sex, is treated like it has no real meaning.

    The guy had an itch and looked for an easy outlet.


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