Does girls pretend that they don't like you when they do?

She seems to not care much but if I dont talk to her daily she will start to act like herself again, I can't understand why she does this.


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  • 3 situations here.

    A) She doesn't like you hence why she acts like she doesn't care.

    B) She does like you but is playing hard to get. In this scenario she'll act like she doesn't care when you talk to her, but you'll notice signs - She stares at you a lot, she's around you a lot etc etc.

    C) She doesn't like you and she's only using you for attention. This one is the difficult one because it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between this and if she's just playing hard to get. However I would say that in this situation, she'll only give you attention when you don't bother to give her attention in hopes that she'll make you think she's interested in you so that you'll give her attention.

    Either way, these are all just stupid games. Ask the girl out, if she doesn't want to go out - cut her off.

  • Nah lol they like you theyll let you know. Only bitches play games.


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