Are they too young for me?

So I’m 18 right now
I turn 19 in February
Im a senior in HS

I’m talking to a few girls that I’d like to potentially date
2 of the girls I’d like to Date are both 15.

Am I too old for them?
No I don’t have a thing for 15 years olds
I actually prefer women who are older than me but obviously that isn’t happening.
I wish they were a couple of years older
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  • In my opinion, as someone who is also in high school, the metric for 'is someone too young/old for me' is 'are we in high school together?' If you are both students in high school, as you said you are, then you are going to be fine. There is always intermingling and dating between the different grade-levels in high school. That's a very common occurance, so there isn't a problem with you liking these younger girls. What crosses a line, though, is when one of the parties is no longer in high school, and they have the same age difference. That's a lot more like one of them is an adult and the other is more like a child, which isn't an acceptable relationship. For now, this is fine, but once you graduate, you will probably need to find girls closer to your age.

  • In many places that's illegal.


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