Is it okay if I ask her to homecoming?

There is this girl that I really like (lets call her Ava), and I want to ask her to homecoming—which is in about two weeks. We hung out for the first time last night (in a larger group) and she seemed to be interested in me as a friend, possibly a little more (but not likely tbh.)

The problem though is that two of my friends (ones that were in that large group I was with) already asked Ava, and she said no to each of them. And she has known them for much longer than she has known me. Also, one of my OTHER friends is one of her best friends and they are super close. That’s how I met her-through him. I’m scared that he likes her and that Ava wants him to ask her. Should I ask her to homecoming? And if so, how?

by the way sorry for the really long confusing paragraphs 🙄
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  • Ask ask ask. My motto is if you don’t ask the answer will always be no. Who knows, she could have said no to the others because she is waiting for you to ask 😊

    • How should I ask her though? i really dont know her well enough to make a poster, nor am I confident enough. So what should I do?

    • “Hey Ava, want to go to homecoming with me?”

Most Helpful Guy

  • YES DO ASK! (Otherwise you'll regret it in the long run.)


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  • Ask her! What’s the worst that could happen? If she says no, it’s the same as if you didn’t even ask her. But at least you have a chance to go with her if you ask her!

  • take a chance fam


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