Should I move on?

I dated this girl 33 years old girl never in relationships before. We exchange text via whatsapp sometimes, but she is slow or never replies. I asked her before if she is not comfortable with me, I will put a full stop. She did not respond to that, but replies with a Sorry, that she is busy. I can see she is online and texting others. She even told me before we seems do not have common topics, and she will try. She just went on vacation with family and she also texted me she reached the destination. I did not text her until yesterday, told her that I won a bear plush for her from claw machine. She read my text and never replies to me. After 5 hours, I texted her again and asked why she did not reply my text? And I will stop everything and leave if she really not interested with me? After 1 hour, she responded with a sorry and thank you for teddy bears and said is a hectic day. Why don't she just tell me, I can move on? She is really hard to please..


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  • Yup move on.


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  • Well, I'm young and don't have much experience but to me I feel like she doesn't know how to say no to the relationship.

    I don't know though man, in the end it's up to you


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