I don't know😂 ask any thing that you need to ask?

Say anything
Do you like fries


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  • Why can you only ask two questions? I need to ask more! How do I make sure my doll doesn’t become haunted? How do I get better at drawing? Why is life so hard? Why do cows say moo and not woof? Why is the meaning of life?

    • You're doll won't ever become haunted, you can get better at drawing by doing at-least something everyday, life is only as hard as you make it, cows say moo because they were trying to get to the moon but hot their head, the meaning of life is to make life more enjoyable for those around you.

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    • Damn you got me

    • @Still_A_Virgin actually I just made that reason up just now because whoops

  • wanna get spooped


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