Which one did he dump me for?

My ex dumped me, cut me off and shortly after he was dating the girl he dumped me for.

But I never managed to figure out which one of these two it was (he Unfriended me on fb). I know
its useless but still I’d like to know who I was dumped for after 3 years of relationship, to have some sort of closure.

Girl A. They had been hanging out with the same group of friends for about a year. She’s very unattractive. I saw her on almost all of the pictures he was tagged in in the period after he dumped me (before unfriending me), and on his Snapchat stories. She has pictures of the two of them at parties together, without other friends. She became friends on fb with all of his friends with whom she wasn’t already friends. They mention each other in posts etc. She added his flatmate on fb. There’s pictures of the two of them close and with arms on each other’s shoulders etc.

Girl B. She’s girl A’s best friend. She’s pretty. She became friends on fa with some of his friends but they are also friends of girl A, so either of them may have introduced them. They definitely have been hanging out at events and stuff but as far as I know girl A was always there when they did. She didn’t add his flatmate on fb. She doesn’t have a single picture of him or of an event they have been to together on instagram. But they have been hanging out with the same group of friends since she became friends with them. I assumed it’s because he’s dating girl A and she’s her best friend, but than, girl A is very ugly so I keep thinking it may be girl B. She’s cool also, is an “admirable” person, while girl a is really insignificant.

i know it’s stupid but I would be happier if it turned out it was girl B, because she’s pretty and I would understand that. I always suspected it was girl a and it bothers me so much to think he dumped me for Someone that unattractive. I would prefer knowing I’ve been dumped for someone who’s better than me than for someone I have no respect for.
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  • Looks aren’t everything

  • and this is why girls are far more jealous, than men


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  • Erm, don't overthink it.


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