He still follows his ex I met him internet what should I do?

I met him in internet we talked like friends and sometimes get close from may but he said he still someway love his ex I said "go back to her" then 2 weeks we didn't talk but then we talked again I didn't see a photo in his profile with his ex and i wasn't know until today he still follows her and last day maybe even he met with her. anyway then until 9 August we talked he said he started to love me (he wanted my naked pics to fallin in love my body too. I didn't send him) anyway then i sent him lots of messages but he didn't reply. until last week i shared a sexy photo he said "damn😈" but then i sent him messages to learn he tried to use me for naked photos or not he really loved me he didn't reply. i waited 2 day then i suddenly closed my ig for a while. but i suspected a girl "who is she?" i opened a fake ig added her and saw his ex and photos in 2017 and they still follows each other and girl still wants him. I don't know i liked this guy so much but we are from different countries. what should i do? now he can't reach me no contact no phone anything


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  • its an internet guy.
    best to not get involved


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