Guys, Crush ignores?

So we started school and my crush ignores me a lot. He talks to my bff and he's so close to me. The thing is that he talks to bff and is so close to me. I got angry and just went to another seat. He was suprised and looked at me. I ignore him back everywhere. He knows that because when school ended he walked to the left and i swinged my head the right side to not look at him. He saw that so he tried to look at me when i looked to the left he looked so fast then went home. There was a day i asked my teacher where i can find my class. She tried to help but she wasen't able to do it. So my crush he had the same class all of a sudden he said to my teacher i can go with her. He teased me in that class when my name appeared on the whiteboard he said laila potato because a potato was named laila. And in that moment i looked into his eyes. He ignores me a lot talks to my bff infront of me. He is also mean sometimes and he called my whole friend group stupid because we wasen't on his math group only my bff. He called her smart and i got mad as f. I'm in the second best math group and i'm the smartest in science, English, writing, history basically every subject expect math. I study math for 2 hours everyday to get a+ because i want to show him and myself that i'm smarter than my bff. I feel bad for my bff i get jealous when she says his name. Someone help? I think my crush dosent like me. If you guys think he likes me or not please. And i'm a 14 year old girl


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  • I think he likes teasing you a lot and getting on your nerves. That could be his weird way of flirting. I would leave him alone. Your doing good with your grades keep up the good work. Let your crush chase you and not chase him.

    • Ty and i will. Everyday i think of him i think of the day my teacher said girls like gifts and he gave me a calculator in the class. I miss everything of him :)

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    • 7d

      Well yesterday he friking used my surname in quizlet to joke. And the teacher got mean. And he didn't Even tell the truth. 😒

    • 6d

      That sucks the teacher was mean. I guess that is a good sign he used your surname.

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