Does she like me?

I have just called a really close friend of mine who I have been crushing on for a while. We have been texting back and forth for about a year and a half now after reconnecting after college, and I am pretty sure she likes me back but I just want second opinions.

I called her and when she picked up there was a brief pause, roughly 3-5 seconds, before she said hello. When she did she sounded slightly nervous but when I replied with hello she got really excited and seemed happy I called. Her voice also seemed a bit more high pitched as well.

We went on with our conversation and I mention I might have a career opportunity in another country. When she heard this she sounded happy but also concerned when she said “that sounded great.” She then proceeded to ask me if it would be one where I would stay temporarily or if I would stay there permenantly. This question made me think she might like me back because why would she ask me that unless she was concerned I would come back or not.

She would also ask me a lot about how, despite my experience in working with land animals, I am very knowledgeable about marine life too (I was a former animal behaviorist but now I might have a chance to work in another country, in case you were wondering). But I also asked if she would love to go grab a cup of coffee if I came up and she said she would love too if her schedule would permit it.

So so how about it folks, does she like me or am I reading into things too much?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and if you have questions, leave a link and I will give you answers!


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