What are Spanish women like?

Compared to American? I like this girl from Spain. I’m just curious what the women are like I’m general? Do they have a bad reputation? Are they loving and caring, make ideal wives?
I know it varies a lot
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  • I'm from Spain and most of the women there tend to be very religious, in my experience, due to the influx of Catholicism.


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  • My dad's side of the family is from Spain that they like food and alcohol. Although compared to other drinking groups they prefer high end alcohol. Don't take her on a date and order cheap beer or some lame tequila. Pick a top shelf rum or Champagne or the Spanish alcohol of choice: Vermouth.
    Also, don't insult, discriminate or be ignorant about where she's from: most Spaniards are sick of people assuming we're Latino or Hispanic because we speak Spanish. We're from Europe, so we're European (white).


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  • we're lovely, but im only half so I don't know if i count

  • Like any other women except they're Spanish
    ~ Mrs Manson


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