Why does he act cold towards me?

So lately this guy I've been talking to has been delaying all responses and finally last night I was like "it doesn't seem like your interested to talk to me anymore" and he replied and said "i talk when I have time or when i remember". Not sure what I did but I think he's mad at me, that was a cold response and he's the one that initiates conversation with me every other day. I'm trying to back track, he msged me and told me he had some time off a few days ago and I was busy so I didn't ask to see him but I told him a few weeks ago I did. We hung out before so it's not the first time meeting, could he be upset because of that? He has feelings for me and I really like him but the way he treats me sometimes hurts my feelings.


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  • Sounds like you're too needy and now overthinking about a guy that just isn't interested. The easy sounding, but not so easy solution is to move on.

    • Hold up, I'm never needy. Get the fuck out of here and if he wasn't interested he wouldn't initiate convo or prove I'm the only female he talks to.

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    • I'm not needy.

    • Needy is constantly asking someone to do something or be with you. I have been patient for a while and your not understanding where I'm coming from so that's why I got defensive. Like I said he contacts me, I don't message him first. But I think your right, I need to move on.

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