Caught mt boyfriend on tindee he disnt tqlk to anyone but has matches said he was just bored window shopping, should I be worried?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Guys do not use dating sites just to "window shop". Keep in mind, men generally receive MUCH fewer matches and messages than women do due to the imbalancement, and were to get even a handful of interested ladies, I don't doubt he would "accidently cheat."

    Do it now rather than later, rip the bandaid and break up with him. Talking isn't going to help if you two have been together for a while now. He knows this is wrong behavior and doesn't care enough to respect boundaries and would rather think with his mammalian brain.

  • Yea if he is on a site like that its not to do something good maybe you should start window shopping yourself


What Girls Said 1

  • I would be very concerned if my boyfriend even had a dating app on his phone. And if he said he was “window shopping” I would be very hurt and an absolute deal breaker. You deserve much more than that, if he’s giving even an ounce of attention to other girls in a more than friends way that’s a no no.


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